XML Web Services

An XML Web service is programmable application logic that is accessible by using standard Internet protocols. XML Web services combine the best aspects of component-based development and the World Wide Web. Like components, XML Web services represent black-box functionality that can be reused without regard to how the service is implemented. Unlike previous component technologies, XML Web services are not accessed through object model-specific protocols, such as the Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM), remote method invocation, or Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP).

Instead, XML Web services are accessed through ubiquitous Web protocols and data formats, such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and SOAP. Furthermore, an XML Web service interface is defined strictly in terms of the messages the XML Web service accepts and generates. Consumers of an XML Web service can be implemented on any platform in any programming language, provided they can create and consume the messages defined for the XML Web service interface.

Building or consuming XML Web services involves specifications and technologies that address five requirements for service-based development:

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