WORXs Consulting Services Price List

WORXs IT Services Price PKR Price USDPrice EuroLocal & Remote Services
3G-4G LAN NetworksPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Auto CAD (Drawing) PKR 20,000$120€100Locally
AutomationPKR 50,000$300€254Locally
Basic TrainingPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Big Data PKR 10,000$60€50Locally
Business ConsultingPKR 5000$30€25Locally
CCTV InstallationPKR 20,000$120€100Locally
Cloud Computing PKR 20,000$120€102Remotely
Cloud Drive IntegrationPKR 10,000$60€50Remotely
Computer BackupPKR 20,000$120€100Locally & Remotely
Computer SupportPKR 10,000$120€100Locally & Remotely
Computer TroubleshootPKR 5000$30€25Locally & Remotely
Computer Tune-up and Virus RemovalPKR 5,000$30€25Locally & Remotely
Computer/Business DemonstrationPKR 10,000$60€51Locally & Remotely
CryptographyPKR 10,000$60€50Locally
Data MigrationPKR 20,000$120€100Locally
Disaster RecoveryPKR 30,000$180€152Locally
Disk Hard Drive Data Recovery PKR 20,000$120€100Locally
Firewall PKR 10,000$60€51Locally
Floppy/Storage Device InstallationPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Hardware Repair & Tuning Services PKR 10,000$60€50Locally
Home & Business NetworkingPKR 10,000$60€51Locally
IT Assessment and PlanningPKR 10,000$60€51Locally & Remotely
Image Editing PKR 10,000$60€51Locally
Internet ServicesPKR 5,000$30€25Locally & Remotely
Network Architectures PKR 10,000$60€50Locally
Network Switch ConfigurationPKR 10,000$60€50Locally & Remotely
Network TroubleshootPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Operating System Reload PKR 5000$30€25Locally
Portable Clients PKR 10,000$60€50Locally
Printer ConfigurationsPKR 10,000$60€50Locally & Remotely
Printer TroubleshootPKR 5000$30€25Locally & Remotely
Remote Services PKR 5000 PER Hour$30€25Locally & Remotely
Router ConfigurationPKR 10,000$60€50Locally & Remotely
Social Media MarketingPKR 20,000$120€100Locally
Software InstallationPKR 5000$30€25Locally & Remotely
Software UpdatesPKR 3000$18€15Locally & Remotely
Solar Inverter (3KVA)PKR 30,000$180€152Locally
Standard Computer SetupPKR 20,000$120€100Locally
System Health ChecksPKR 5000$30€25Locally & Remotely
USB Stick ServicesPKR 5000$30€25Locally & Remotely
VPN ConfigurationPKR 10,000$60€50Locally & Remotely
Video EditingPKR 20,000$120€50Locally
Video Surveillance SystemsPKR 20,000$120€100Locally
Virus and Spyware RemovalPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Voice RecordingPKR 3000$18€15Locally
WLAN SetupPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Web Site Design PKR 90,000$545€457Locally
Windows InstallationPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Windows Password RecoveryPKR 20,000$120€100Locally
Windows Problem TroubleshootingPKR 5000$30€25Locally
Video ConferencingPKR 50,000$300€254Locally

WORXs Consulting Services,

I.T  Services Providing Company. We Provide

Problems with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) Operating system problems Error detection and elimination Operating system installation – Windows, Linux, OS Software installation / de-installation Driver installation Windows, Linux, OS operating system training Complete set-up of your personal computer Installation of all common hardware components Network: Network card installation and integration into the system Establishing the network connection to other computers Integration of your printer as a network printer, via LAN or W-LAN wireless Internet access DSL and telephony Advice on changing providers Create DSL access and configure router Telephone installation, fax and internet Internet telephony (VoIP) W-LAN configuration Backup: Backup strategies Backup of the Windows installation with all settings by image Internet: Establish general internet connections Setting up your internet mail accounts Explanations for using the internet browser Downloads, uploads First steps to your own homepage

Digital Marketing & Graphics Designing & SEO services, SMM services, Logo Design, Branding, Apps Design, Website Design & Development  Network and many more Services.

We are looking forward to realizing Projects with you!


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