VirtualBox is an open-source desktop virtualization product maintained by Oracle. VirtualBox is a feature-rich, high-performance product targeted at both home and enterprise users. It brings the power of desktop virtualization to anyone running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or Solaris operating systems. This WORXs Quick Start! course will teach you the basics of VirtualBox, allowing you to quickly get up and running with your own virtual infrastructure. To begin learning today.

Course Overview 

VirtualBox Basics

Overview of Virtualization

VirtualBox Overview

Installing VirtualBox

Virtual Box Basics

Creating a Virtual Machine

Advanced VM Settings pt. 1

Advanced VM Settings pt. 2

Installing the Guest Operating System

Installing the Guest Additions in Windows

Installing the Guest Additions in Linux

Now That Your VM Is Running

Advanced Guest Configuration

Snapshot Management pt. 1

Snapshot Management pt. 2

Virtual Networking Options pt. 1

Virtual Networking Options pt. 2

Managing Media in VM Guests

The Virtual Media Manager pt. 1

The Virtual Media Manager pt. 2

Virtual Hard Drive Types

Shared Folders

Remote Display Access


Course Wrap Up

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