WORXs  has created a dedicated team of professionals to assist businesses, institutions, homeowners and the government. We are end to end complete solar solutions provider. We design, supply, install and maintain for long term sustainability.

What we offer you are solutions to overcome the power issues in areas that are not connected to the grid or face electricity problems. Our WORXs – DESIGN TEAM will put forward to you the comparison of solar-power over diesel generator systems in figures and show the cost-recovery period, ROI and savings.

Our WORXs-TECHNICAL TEAM designs to cater to the requirements of the client depending on their investment. It’s easy, sustainable, affordable and profitable for long term.

Eliminate wires, trenches, conduit, transformers, switches, and energy costs.

No more Electricity Bills and Maintenance Costs with increased safety and Maintenance-free Batteries.
Optional activation/deactivation by motion sensors / push-button / computer / wireless receiver, etc. Dusk to dawn option. System can manage 2-5 days without sunshine depending on the system design.

Survival Solar Cells


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