Software Programming Services

WORXs Creates Software

  • Software Projects for Automatisation, Cloud Computing, Data Centers, Desktops, Mobiles, Notebooks, Operating Systems, Servers, Tablets and the Web.
  • Effective Algorithms and Processes with User Friendly Interfaces.
  • High Quality Graphics Design, Images and Video Processing.
  • Modification of Customer Plug-Ins, Extensions and Source Code.

Programming Languages that we do support: (Statistics)

ABAPAdaAliceApexAssembly LanguageAwkBashCC#C++COBOLClojureCrystalDDartDelphi/Object PascalErlangF#FortranGoHackJavaJavaScriptJuliaKotlinLabVIEWLispLogoLuaMATLABMLObjective-CPHPPL/SQLPerlPrologPythonRRubyRustSASScalaSchemeScratchSwiftTransact-SQLVBScriptVisual BasicVisual Basic .NET and Visual FoxPro.

Some of the tools our experts are spezialized in:ADO, .NET, AJAX, ASP.NET, ATL/COM, C, C, C#, C++, CSS, DirectShow, DirectX, Entity Framework, HTML 5, Java, Java Script, JSP, MFC, MySQL, .Net, Objective, OpenCV, OpenGL, OpenNI, OpenSceneGraph, Oracle, Perl, PHP, Prof-UIS, Python, QT, Ruby, Server, Silverlight, SQL, WCF, WinForms, WPF

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