MODX is a developer-friendly content management system, or CMS, that is capable of recognizing several programing languages. MODX doesn’t have any simple web building tools like a site wizard. Instead, every aspect of your site must be created using code. While basic web-creation tools are not necessary for content management system software, it is nice to have them for creating quick web pages.

This CMS software is intuitive for web designers and organized to allow you easy access to important tools. Since this is a true CMS program rather than a souped-up web builder, you must use code to create an interactive, eCommerce-friendly business website.

The online video tutorials, user guides and discussion forums have lists of codes to use for a variety of business tools. It also offers a free download guide and codes for applications. However, you have a great deal of creative freedom with this platform, including the ability to use different programming languages for different types of content. For example, you can program your website in HTML5 and your mobile app in JSON.

You can create websites that are mobile responsive and handicapped-accessible. The platform allows for malleable plug-ins and apps. It allows for the most common website tools like blogs, product catalogs or directories, store locators, and FAQs. It has mods for email marketing via MailChimp, Constant Contact and other newsletter programs. It works with Javascript codes to integrate things like Google Analytic, and Zapier for more robust applications. It has some eCommerce integrations in MODX Extras for Shopify, Shopkeeper, Magento and others.

MODX offers a high level of security, with xPDO as an intermediate database layer to ensure code is sanitized before being saved to a database. This prevents SQL injection attacks. It has several password add-ins for ensuring your content is secure.

With a clean interface and the ability to recognize multiple programing languages, MODX is a developer-friendly choice for a content management system. You can use it to create websites or mobile apps. It also allows for email marketing, an important feature for businesses that use their websites to gather leads. It is secure, versatile and has integrations with several shopping cart programs.

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