Microsoft Azure is an integrated cloud platform and infrastructure that is designed for creating, deploying, and managing services and applications through the worldwide network of Microsoft datacenters. It includes a wide-ranging collection of services-computing, analytics, networking, databases, storage, and mobile and web apps.


Become an expert in Windows Azure with customized Microsoft Azure certification courses conducted by the certified instructors at Worxs Learning. Learn MS Azure to leverage Windows Azure solutions for achieving more while saving time and money. The SQL Azure training courses include a basic overview, extensive coverage of Azure programming, and in-depth treatment of cloud services. Taught via step-by-step, hands-on labs, the Azure cloud computing training is offered through instructor-led and live online medium.


Microsoft Azure

10978:    Introduction to Azure for Developers               40 Hours

10979:   Microsoft Azure Fundamentals                           16 Hours

10992:  Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure   24 Hours

20532:  Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (Microsoft Specialist)   32 Hours

20533:  Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (Microsoft Specialist)   40 Hours


20534:  Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions     40 Hours


40390:  Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts     24 Hours


50466:  Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010    24 Hours


50592:  Advanced SQL Azure  32 Hours


55187:  Linux System Administration 32 Hours


MCSA:  Linux on Azure Combo  72 Hours


OD20533:  Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (Microsoft Specialist) MOD     40 Hours


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