Implementing the appropriate technology is only the beginning of the process. Servicing and maintaining each system is essential to ensure that the technology continues to fulfill its intended contribution towards business success. WORXs works with each client to determine the impact of downtime and implement systems to minimize the risk of costly downtime, lost productivity, and repairs. This risk mitigation can include documentation, preparedness drills, redundant equipment, proactive replacement, routine upgrades, monitoring, and maintenance.

If problems do arise, WORKs is equipped to assist in repairing systems and restoring functionality. When contacting our office during normal business hours, a WORKs team member will promptly answer the phone and either fulfill the need while on the phone or schedule a consultant to address the situation. WORKs has an after-hours contact procedure in place to address emergencies that handle outside of normal business hours.

Let us look after your network

We all depend on technology, and when it develops problems, you want to be sure you have a trustworthy company to call. Set up a maintenance contract with us and you’ll benefit from over 10 years’ experience, delivered by friendly and patient engineers.

We’re here to fix anything. Whether it’s a simple computer repair or a full network failure, we’ll get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

We can also clean your hardware, run antivirus checks and test your data cabling etc..

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