eZ Platform, an open source content management system (CMS), offers drag-and drop capabilities and editing on the page itself. It offers multilingual and multisite capabilities so you can manage all your websites from a single repository, even those in different languages. It works on the Symphony framework and offers API capability so you can customize the site for your specific needs.

As with most of the best CMS programs on our review, eZ Platform has included many important security tools, including granular privileges that let you determine who has access to which parts of the software, with password protection afforded to individual users.

This CMS program has a unique sandbox that allows you to create, test and preview content before it goes live. You can also place each new change on a timeline that will automatically push the content live without any additional thought or effort on your part.

eZ Platform is a good choice for medium-size business that have a lot of back-end web content needs, such as contact, document and project management. This CMS program has real-time reports on visitor activity to help you analyze visitor information and make decisions about future content on your site. It lacks eCommerce tools but offers a powerful API system, so you may be able to integrate third-party software.

Creating your website is straightforward, with editing managers that include drag-and-drop functions for content such as images, graphs and data. eZ Platform has an image editor within the program itself that lets you control clarity, color effects and contrast. eZ Platform also has tools to automatically create mobile friendly websites. Preview tools let you see exactly what your web site content will look like when it goes live.

eZ Platform lets you include blogs, wikis and discussion forms that allow visitors to contribute content in a controlled environment. Search engines, site maps, email help forms and live chat are also important tools you can include on your website to give your visitors more access to customer support and IT support.

eZ Platform is an easy-to-use CMS program for creating high-level, interactive business websites, although some important eCommerce tools and functions are missing. The unique sandbox allows you to schedule many content items to automatically go live on user-specified publish dates. The real-time data tracking lets you quickly analyze and adjust content to create a more user-friendly experience for your visitors.

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