Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 

The Alfresco is another good but complex open source document management system that is designed for enterprises. The company provides the software to enterprises with a content repository, image management, web content management, document management and more. The Alfresco open source DMS is easy to deploy but the community edition will not get any direct support from the Alfresco.

The Alfresco community edition runs on the variety of operating system because it deployed as a Java web application But the common operating used to install the Alfresco are Ubuntu and SUSE. It supports 64bit systems, runs on Apache Tomcat and JDK 8, and supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Alfresco community edition Features

  • Robust content repository
  • Productive team collaboration web interface
  • One can access Alfresco as a network drive natively within Windows or Mac
  • Productivity app integration such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Add-ons support to download and install extensions maintain by the community to extend the DMS capabilities.
  • Customization — create custom content models and bespoke workflows
  • Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android (including SDKs)
  • Source code publicly available


Casebox is an Apache web-based document management system and 100% open source. It is customizable application and can extend overtime as contact management, project management, and human resource management. It allows you to read any documents such WOrd, JPEG, PDF online without downloading them or using any other external application. As it is a web-based application, so there is no need of sync which increases the security and privacy.

Casebox Web DMS Features

  • Preview your files
  • Unlimited version control
  • Metadata fields
  • Document Viewer
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Full-text search
  • Multiple tabs: allow to open and work on several documents simultaneously.
  • Undelete: Deleted files can restore from the Recycle bin
  • Version Control
  • Forms with conditional logic: Allow to build forms using conditional logic.
  • Repeatable fields: Can add same fields in the form more then once such as a person with multiple addresses
  • Personalized forms: Feature to create your own custom forms to capture various types of information.
  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Two-factor authentication: Support Google Authenticator and Yubikeys.
  • And more…


Feng is other well open source document management system. It is not only a DMS platform but more than that, it comes with Task Management, Workspace Management, Time Tracking, Knowledge Management and other productivity features makes it one of the best open source document management software.

Feng Office community edition Features:

  • Workspace Management
  • Documents
  • Automatic alerts and reminders
  • Contact management
  • Timesheet
  • Basic reports and Tags
  • Task templates and Workflow processes
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Wiki and Forum support


The Filerun is a simple file sharing software that comes with server and client architecture and totally free. It is not a complete and full-fledged document management system but it can be used for basic file and media management. It supports docs, pictures, and music. The server part can install on Ubuntu, CentOS, Synology, and Docker. For the client, it has options for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

To extend the compatibility and functions, it has plugins for Google Docs Editor,  Zoho Editor, ONLYOFFICE, Google Docs Viewer, Office Web View, Pixlr, Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk- Preview CAD files, CloudConvert to convert files from one format to another, Zamzar, Google Earth- Plott KML & KMZ files and Bing Maps.

Kimios Document Management

Kimios is a lightweight document management software and can be an alternative to heavy ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management).
The Kimios provides direct Windows Desktop and Microsoft environment integration but under the commercial license. Kimios is based on a fully Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The Kimios works on the client-server model. All the supported third-party client’s such Web client, Kimios Explorer, Kimios for Office connected to Kimios central server that exposes the web service layer to covers all DMS features.

Kimios Document Management Features:

  • Create / Update / Delete documents
  • Version control to restore the documents
  • Customize the repository using metadata
  • Connect third parties application to provide meta-values and index
  • Customizable search engine
  • Bookmarks documents
  • Create advanced search requests and bookmarks
  • Checkin / Checkout feature
  • User rights management
  • Standards authentications and security system
  • Informations system integration

Note: The Kimios last updated around 3 years ago…

Recently, I got a mail from a person looking for a simple document management system, he tried all above given DMS but he thought they all are complex but he needs something very basic and after a couple of days, he suggested us to add a simple File sharing software works for his NGO. So, I thought, I should have to mention it here…

Logical DOC is Open source Document management system

LogicalDOC is another Open source Document management system software available in both Community Edition and Professional editions. The Open source LogicalDOC is distributed under the GNU license and source code is available for the entire community, it means anyone can modify, redistribute and free to use it. The downside of its community edition is no client sync a local directory with the repository.

  • Multilingual and Desktop Web Interface
  • Multilingual Full-text Indexing
  • Tags, Metadata & Templates support
  • Version Control and Document Searching
  • Bookmarking
  • Import from ZIP archives
  • Check-in & Check-out
  • Send as E-mail or Download
  • Ticket
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Integrated Contacts and Addressbook
  • Rating
  • Users and Groups
  • Security Policies on Menus and Folders
  • Document Password Protection
  • Task Manager and Events Log
  • Configurable run levels and aspects
  • Local File System
  • Basic Statistics and standard reports
  • HTTP & HTTPS protocols
  • Web Services (SOAP & RESTful)
  • WebDAV and CMIS
  • WordPress and Joomla explorer
  • Dropbox integration

Maarch Courrier

Maarch Courrier is a PHP based Document Management System that includes electronic mail processing, scan connectors, mailroom management, workflow, content management, version control, workflow, office templates, statistics, etc.


  • Customizable metadata
  • Mail & RSS alerts and events notifications
  • MSOffice, OpenOffice, LibreOffice templates with online updating
  • Mail management workflow
  • Full OAIS archiving
  • Support Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2 database
  • Compatible with Smartphone
  • Signing documents

Mayan EDMS

Mayan EDMS is a Free Open Source Electronic Document Management System written in Python. It uses Django web application framework and provides an electronic vault or repository for electronic documents. It allows saving securely all documents from floods, fire, theft, sabotage, fungus or decomposition. It comes with advanced search and categorization capabilities.

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