Composr is an open source content management system (CMS) with a large plug-and-play feature set that also allows for coding. It makes secure, mobile friendly websites with automatic SEO tools and extras to engage your visitors. It’s not the best CMS solution for eCommerce or large-scale enterprise endeavors, but it has the power and ease for most SMB sites.

The code is easy to download and install and offers some templates to get you started, or a style wizard if you prefer to design the site yourself. You can then add modules such as catalogs, galleries, blogs and documents libraries. You can integrate it with your current forum or its forum, Conversr.

You can password protect parts of the website so others can work the parts of the system they need to. It offers SSL/HTTPS support, including integration to TLS, the next generation of PCI compliance. In addition, it offers forum protections on Conversr for warning members, putting them on probation or banishing them as needed.

You can create content with the WYSIWYG editor, add images singly or in galleries, post videos and create other interactive features, such as quizzes, to engage your readers. You can find some add-ons on the website; they are easy to install. However, this content management software prides itself on not depending on additions for its power. That means, you’ll find most of tools you need already in the program, but if you want something particular, you may have to code it or seek it from other sources.

It’s a versatile program, but Composr is up front about the things it does not do well. In fact, it recommends other CMS solutions for blogs, eCommerce and large-scale enterprise-level intranets.

If you are just starting out, there are video tutorials and documentation plus an active forum where you can ask questions or swap code. This CMS provider also has professional-level assistance, though it comes with a charge. This is typical of most CMS providers that offer professional support.

Composr is not as popular as many content management software systems, but it is versatile, secure and user friendly. It can handle most business websites, although it’s not focused on eCommerce.

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