Automated configuration management enables consistent configurations at scale

As the environments you manage grow, manual configuration and deployment practices can result in your operational expenses growing at an alarming rate. With WORXs, your infrastructure is defined as code, ensuring that configuration policy is flexible, versionable, testable and human readable. Servers managed by WORXs are continuously evaluated against their desired state, ensuring that configuration drift is automatically corrected, and configuration changes are universally applied.

WORXs continuously configures systems against your desired state   

As our environments grow in size and complexity, manual processes can become a barrier to deploying changes with confidence and consistency. Systems are missed during software updates or scheduled maintenance leading to unpredictable configuration drift across your estate. Unexpected and difficult to diagnose failures are uncovered late in the development cycle due to inconsistently configured environments between development and production. All this results in delayed releases, costly rollbacks, and too much time spent on unplanned work.

WORXs automates the process of managing configurations, ensuring that every system you’re responsible for is configured correctly and consistently. Because WORXs applies updates dynamically, you can make conditional changes based on their running environment or hardware, ensuring that the same code that configures development can be used all the way through to production. WORXs built-in “test & repair” behavior means that systems can update their configurations continuously, and WORXs will only take action when machines diverge from their desired state. WORXs makes your infrastructure configurations testable, portable, and auditable, giving your teams the freedom to focus on building new innovations, rather than re-solving old problems.

WORXs ensures configurations are standardized and continuously enforced

Easily Enforce Consistent Configuration

Transform your configuration into versioned, executable, human-readable code. Per-deployment differences can be accounted for dynamically, reducing duplicated effort between teams and environments, and ensuring consist configurations across the development life cycle.

A Repeatable Process to Eliminate Drift

WORXs has built-in validations to ensure that configurations are only changed if a system diverges from the desired state you define. This allows Worxs to be continuously re-run to automatically correct configuration drift, but take no action on properly configured systems.

Customizable Code for Unmatched Flexibility

WORXs resources provide simple declarative definitions for common administrative tasks. Worxs is built for customizability, making it easily extended  to support even the most unique environmental requirements.

Cloud Integrated for Painless Migration and Management

WORXs provides resources for configuring a variety of cloud-based SaaS services, and integrates cloud provisioning APIs as well as third-party software like HashiCorp’s Terraform. Worxs integrations give you a single process to manage on-premises and cloud estates.

Manage Configurations with Confidence through Testable Code

Defining infrastructure as code makes the process of managing your configurations automated and testable. The WORXs Development Kit (WORXs DK) includes robust testing tools to ensure that you can automate the validation of infrastructure changes before they’re applied to your environments.

Simple Ad-Hoc Configuration with Chef Workstation

WORXs Workstation contains everything you need to start using Worxs in one easy-to-install package. With Worxs Workstation you can apply configuration updates directly over SSH or WinRM without needing to pre-install any software on your target machines. Contact-us


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