Expand your knowledge of Asterisk.

The Asterisk Advanced training is a five-day hands-on course that covers the knowledge and skills an advancing Asterisk administrator should know to be effective at his or her job. It is a combination of both lectures and labs designed to give the students both the theory behind the concepts and the hands-on experience to be able to effectively deploy Asterisk-based solutions. This course is the successor to the wildly popular Asterisk Boot camp, which was retired in 2008.imagesnxnfxpko

In Asterisk Advanced training, students will learn to create advanced dial plans and innovative telephony solutions by using the features of Asterisk. Along the way, students will also get important insight into VoIP. Students will also explore connecting Asterisk to a variety of devices, including analog phones and phone lines, digital phone lines, VoIP phones and VoIP providers.

Asterisk Training

Our online and instructor-led courses teach you how to install, configure, tune, and maintain a complete Asterisk system. Certifications are also available, allowing you to bring a new skill set to your career or company.

We believe in transferring knowledge that is practical and provides hand-on professional grasp on the areas covered in our Training packages.

Asterisk for PBX

Its a course specifically designed to provide hands-on knowledge of setting up of PBX based on Asterisk.

Course Outline:

  • Basic Linux
  • Asterisk Fundamentals
  • Asterisk Architecture
  • SIP Channels
  • SIP for Asterisk
  • PSTN & VoIP Connections
  • ZAPATA Channels
  • IAX Channels
  • Voicemail
  • Dial Plan

Asterisk for Call Center Suite

This course cover all the relevant information for the Asterisk based Call Center Suite of any size.

Course Outline:

  • Call Center Suite Manager Overview
  • Installation & configuration of Asterisk
  • Routing set-up
  • Inbound set-up
  • Outbound Campaign set-up
  • Admin set-up
  • Agent set-up
  • PD Campaign set-up
  • Tracing & Troubleshooting

Asterisk for VoIP

Learn how Asterisk provides integration with the PSTN, the IAX2 and SIP channels for VoIP telephony.

Course Outline:

  • VoIP overview
  • Introduction to VoIP PBX systems
  • Comparing Asterisk with other VoIP PBX systems
  • SIP
  • Quality of Service
  • VoIP PBX features
  • VoIP infrastructure
  • LAN to PSTN gateways

Learn the essentials of administering an Asterisk system at your own pace in this online course!

Learn Asterisk online at your own pace.

The Asterisk Essentials Training video course is designed to rapidly guide a new user through the installation and basic configuration of Asterisk. Key telephony concepts are introduced, explained, and implemented. The course is heavily example-based, with a focus on the practical knowledge required to successfully administer an Asterisk system. Though some time is given to architecture and theory, we’ve only included the most helpful information. We’ve left out the non-essentials so that you can get up-to-speed with Asterisk as quickly as possible. Best practices are described throughout, and many examples are supported with Asterisk documentation.

The Asterisk Essentials Training course will teach you the most important things you need to know to install and administer an Asterisk system. It will also start you on the path of deeper Asterisk knowledge. The course includes several references to outside resources for additional information and further learning.

Get up to speed quickly on Asterisk with this basic Asterisk course!

Asterisk Fast Start is a three-day, hands-on basic Asterisk course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level Asterisk Administrator to be successful on the job. Using a combination of information-rich lectures and practical lab exercises, this basic Asterisk course familiarizes you with Asterisk and the environment in which it operates, both in terms of operating system and telephony (traditional and IP) connections. This course will take you from a freshly installed Linux PC through to a fully configured and working Asterisk implementation. You do not need to have previous experience with Linux, telephony or Asterisk.

At the end of the training class, you will be able to: slider-image1

  • Identify the purpose and primary functionality of Asterisk as a PBX and as an application development platform
  • List the functionality associated with a traditional PBX
  • Understand the history of Asterisk and its powerful open source community
  • Define the operating system environments in which Asterisk is developed and supported
  • Describe the telephony connections which Asterisk supports and identify the Digium hardware needed to enable this connectivity
  • Identify the basic characteristics of analog and digital PSTN connections and how VoIP compares and contrasts with these
  • Install and run Asterisk from the packages available for download from www.asterisk.org
  • Configure Asterisk to deliver basic PBX functionality, including basic call routing, voicemail and directory services
  • Learn the basics of Linux in order to be an effective Asterisk administrator

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