Introduction to Apache httpd

Apache httpd is the world’s leading Web server software. In this course, attendees learn how to set up, configure, administer, and secure Apache httpd 2.4, 2.2, or 2.0.

Apache httpd Training Objectives

  • To learn how to build, configure, monitor, and tune Apache httpd 2.4, 2.2, or 2.0
  • To master deploying Web sites and server-side applications to Apache httpd
  • To discover how to secure applications running on Apache httpd

Apache httpd Training Outline


  1. Regular expressions primer (if needed)
  2. Why rewrite URLs?
  3. Turning on the rewrite engine
  4. Configuring mod_rewrite logging
  5. RewriteRule and RewriteCond
  6. Common URL rewriting tasks
  1. performance tuning and load testing
  2. Monitoring Apache httpd with mod_status
  3. Building Apache with just the modules you need
  4. Tuning your specific MPM
  5. Load testing with ab
  6. Load testing with JMeter
  7. Caching and proxying
  8. Other performance enhancement strategies
  • Logging and Troubleshooting
  1. Error logging and interpreting the error logs
  2. Access logs and interpreting your access logs
  3. Log rotation
  4. Apache httpd troubleshooting for crashes, freezes, errors, and other situations
  5. Apache httpd tracing
  • Handlers and filters
  •  Basics of Apache security
  1. Items to consider when creating a strategy
  2. Understanding file permissions
  3. Limiting modules and extensions
  4. SSI and .htaccess settings
  5. Writing safer scripts
  • Fundamentals of authentication and authorization
  1. Basic authentication
  2. Digest authentication
  3. Database authentication modules
  4. Access control
  5. LDAP authentication
  • SSL with mod_ssl
  1. Building Apache with SSL support
  2. Generating a certificate signing request
  3. Protecting your server’s private key
  4. Installing a certificate
  5. Generating a self-signed certificate for testing purposes
  6. Requiring SSL for specific URLs

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