3 KVA Home Solar Panel System


Solar Panel Systems are the best way to use suitable, natural resources to create energy. They can be used to collect sunlight and convert it into energy that can be used for electricity. A residential solar panel system has the capability of providing for the electricity needs of an entire home with about 80% lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels. Installing a residential solar panel system will lower your home’s utility bill while significantly reducing its annual carbon footprint at the same time.

Solar Inverter


Model: TFIV 0324-PW

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Power:3000VA /3000W

AC Output: 230VAC, 50 /60Hz, 13A

System Battery Voltage: 24VDC

PWM Solar Charger:

Rated Power 1200W 

Rated Current: 50A

Max. Solar Voltage (VAC): 80VDC

Operating Temp Range: -10 to 50’C



Lead:                Acid

Voltage:           12(V DC)

Ampere:          165 Ah

Plates:              23 Plates

Polarity:           C

Dimension:    LxWxH, 506x214x236

Weight:            26.50 (Kg)

Quantity:         2pcs



Material Type:              pure copper

Size:                                Big battery

Max Capacity:              300/500 (V DC)


Brand Name:                  GLS Audio Bulk Mic Cable

Material:                          Copper

Conductor Type:             Solid

Insulation Material:       PVC

Colour:                                 Black and Red

Size:                                   6 (mm)

Insulation:                        PVC Insulation

Material:                           99.98% Pure Copper

Standard:                           IEC 60227

Duct Patti

Model Number:        SFC307

Type:                           Solid

material:                    New PVC material

Voltage Range:          Under 1200V

Size:                            10×10/10×15—200×100

Thickness:                  Any thickness

Length:                       2-4m up to the buyer

Colour:                        white, grey, or customized design

Standard:                   IEC 61084-2-1

Rawl bolt

Brand:                     ISC

Size:                         M6 x 50, M8 x 65, M10 x 70, M12 x 90

Material:                 Yellow Passivated Zinc Plated Steel

Product Type:        Machine Screw

Usage/Application:   Industrial

Stand for Solar Panel

Type:                     Vertical modules

Capacity:  Support for Modules up to 8 cells

Recommended installation: Floor or flat roof

Profiles:                                  Aluminium EN AW 600 5. T6

Screws Type:   Stainless Steel


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