WORXs provides many services for different types of hardware solutions. WORXs offers equipment which can be purchased directly at competitive prices. In the following list, examples of some hardware services are enumerated that WORXs can  deliver, install, provide:

  • Personal computers, notebooks, switches, router, workstations and laptops
  • Mobile devices (Phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Servers, storage, etc.
  • Firewalls,  Unified Threat Management systems (UTMs) and other security devices
  • Area networking equipment (e.g. local, wide, low-voltage cabling, etc.)
  • Backup solutions (e.g. local, cloud, etc.)
  • Many communication systems (e.g. Phones, etc.)

Hardware Installations  

WORXs technicians provide you with the latest technology. The hardware for the installations of the network includes many different things and all kinds of equipment like cabinets, wireless network adapters and servers.  Furthermore our hardware experts ensure  after the configuration that all your network computers, devices have been correctly configured. This means taking care of all the details involved including settings, software, and operating system.

Hardware Prices  

Prices in Germany
Prices in United States

For professional hardware support please contact us.


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